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The picturesque locales just take your breath away!

Windthistle villa home stay at Ooty

Niligiris has a lot to offer. You need at least a weeks time to explore the place. Windthistle villa home stay is well connected to the major towns like Ooty, Manjoor and Coonoor by buses. Thanks to the Government the roads are also of very good condition.

Local sight-seeing tours can be arranged for you if booked in advance. Please do call us to confirm the arrangements a day before.

Pick and drop from Ooty can also be arranged


Windthistle villa home stay at Ooty

Niligiris is the home to us, the Badagas! We live in around 440 Hamlets called ‘Hattis’ around the district. Our wonderful culture is enriched with unique features, which we are very proud off! A Badaga home is full of warmth and generosity; you can never leave a Badaga home, no matter what the economic condition it is in, without having your stomachs fill!!

We celebrate most of the Hindu festivals, but we also have some of our own. The ‘Hettai Habba’ is the most important festival which is definitely unique in its own way. This festival fever grips us during the months of December and January every year! Any one witnessing this Habba will be in awe of our culture. Other festivals are celebrated with the same fever and enthusiasm.

The Badagas love to sing and dance. Dance especially is our favourite! No matter what the occasion, marriage or death, the room is filled with music and dance. Our way of living is very simple and we love to host people.

Come, catch a glimpse of our culture and celebrate life with us